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What is GREATregister? is a tool for companies that want to take their business to the next level. We offer several services: Module REGISTER OF COMPANIES - you can find here companies from the Slovak and Czech Republic classified into individual categories. DEMANDS FOR SERVICES AND CRAFTS module - registered companies have free access to all demandes (including contact details) published on webstite.  JOB OFFERS module - based on your chosen criteria, we will allow you to publish a job offer for which you are looking for an new employee. SUPPLIERS OF RAW MATERIALS module - this module will be appreciated mainly by suppliers of raw materials, but also by manufacturing and trading companies. With this module you can easily find new suppliers of raw materials. DEMANDS FOR RAW MATERIALS module - registered companies have free access to all demandes (including contact details) published on www.greatregister.orgPRODUCTmodule - registered companies have the possibility to register their company product in the product catalog. Customers can search for a product from a specific manufacturer based on criteria (region, country, ...). DOMAINS FOR SALE module – you can offer for sale your domain, functional website or functional eShop. By publishing your offer, potential buyers from several countries will know about your domains for sale. DIGITAL MARKETING module - for registered companies (especially for business owners, managers, but also for employees) we are preparing a module focused on advertising and marketing. You will learn marketing news, as well as effective ways to kick start your company's marketing. Module REAL ESTATE OFFER - in our offer are selected properties, only the most interesting projects. As a rule, only new properties are offered, mostly in development projects.

Who can become a user?

Anyone, private person or company can become a user of our portal. All you have to do is register and enjoy the benefits of the portal.

How can I become a registered portal user?

On the top bar of the page you will find the section “REGISTRATION”. Registrate and than you will receive a verification e-mail, which will be sent to the e-mail you entered during registration. After confirmation you are an official registered user. User registration is free.

How do I get a new password (forgetting, losing an old one)?

If you have forgotten your user account password or want to change your password, click 'LOGIN' on the top bar of the page, then click 'Forgot your password?' Enter the email you registered. You will receive a link to your email to change your password.

How do I change my account information?

You can make changes to your profile data at any time without any problems. Just log in to your account, click the 'My Profile' box on the left, and then select 'Edit Profile'. Make the required changes and update your profile.

What should I do if I want to register my company?

To add a business to, you must be a registered user. As a registered user, you choose to + Add company in your User zone, to the right, just below the "LOGIN" box. Fill in the company‘s information you want to register, categorize your business, and confirm adding your business. It is up to you how many companies you add to Registration of the company is charged, you can find the price in our price list.

How do I add an ad? (edit, delete)

To add an job offer, you must have a company in your User zone. If you have a company added, select "WORK OFFERS" from the User zone menu, click on the "+ Create new" box (if you have more than one company added, be sure to choose which company you want to advertise). You will then see a form with criteria to fill in for the job offer you want to add. After filling in, you have two options, either a completed advertisement Save or Save and view the publishing options. You choose the publishing options, ie the length of the publication. Based on the selected length, will deduct the credit from your account and publish it. If you want to edit or delete a job offer, click on the "MY JOB OFFERS" again and select the menu you want to delete / edit from the menu list.

How long will my offer be published?

You choose how long you want to publish when adding your offer. The publishing options are:

Job offers: 7, 14 or 28 days.

Domains for sale: 30, 90, 180 and 360 days.

How do I Promote my company in the Register of comapnies?

From the User zone, click on “MY COMPANIES” from the list to select the company you want to promote. You'll see options for the categories in which your business will appear in the top positions. You select one category for one promotion, then select the filter of promoting. Individual filters have different position prices, depending on whether you want your business to be visible at the country, county or district level. After selecting the level, select the position and available period during which your company will be promoted in the register of companies. Confirm the action or change the parameters. After confirmation, will deduct the credit from your account and publish your promotion.

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